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Saturday, November 17th, 2007
2:04 pm
short ride video
Panasonic DMC-FZ18S: Lumix¨ 8.1-Megapix DigiCam w/ 18x Optical Zoom, 28mm Wide-Angle LEICA Lens, 2.5&quot; Diag LCDrear quarter Vision R40 long-wheelbase recumbent bikeI took my new digital camera to work yesterday and made a movie of one of the nice bits of my bike commute – down the access road to a rec center and then through a bit of woods to the office park. It's QuickTime, 170MB, VGA (640x480), 30 fps, 2:04. The camera's just hanging around my neck, resting on my tummy. (I noticed later you can see the view pan up/down slightly as I breathe.) It's a sunny fall day and the woods are very pretty right now. Wide angle; future experiments should involve hanging the camera higher up on my chest and a narrower field of view (for less knee action). movie file [Cross posted to bikingforfun.]
Friday, November 17th, 2006
4:54 am
Looking for a Bent
I've been having some trouble finding a Bent in my price range (around $300 or less) on eBay, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest another option. I'm looking for something like this or possibly something along the lines of a Sun EZ-Sport and I live in the Atlanta area. Thanks!
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
9:18 am

purple froglet
Originally uploaded by RufusFrog.
Got the Frogmobile (Steintrike Nomad) out on Sunday but hadn't ridden for quite some time and both gear cables were 'stuck' in their sheaths. Squirting in lots of penetrating oil and wiggling sorted out the front cable but not the rear. Anyone got any ideas? Still managed to get to Winslow and back on just 2 gears about which I feel quite pleased (OK so it's only 14 miles but there are hills!)
Thursday, December 29th, 2005
9:05 pm
Newbie still on Wedgie
I do not own a recumbent and have never even ridden one, but ever since I caught my first glance I was bitten by the bent bug (if there ever was one!) I'm 20yrs old and don't drive or own a car. I have been riding my upright everywhere since middle school to college, from long treks to friends houses, and from the city to the un-paved trail. I'm planning on getting a trailer for my old bike so I can continue supporting my car-free lifestyle and possibly go bike touring/camping, but my ultimate dream is to own a recumbent. I have spent hours and days of internet time researching them, but there are so many choices! SWB, LWB, USS, OSS, Rans, Burley, HP Velotechnik... Which is better?

Is there really a "perfect" recumbent? Anyone know of any recumbent dealers (or owners) in the Washington State / Seattle area that would let me try thier bents? Thanks for reading :) And thanks for devoting a community to these unique bikes!
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
6:32 pm
Huffy's new recumbent bicycle.
You read it right, and I swear to god I'm not huffing cheap paint.

It's called the Venice - So far, the only BigBox store I've seen carrying it was Meijer, a Michigan-based Wal*Mart Analogue.

Here's a pic from Huffy's siteCollapse )

I've actually seen two of these 'in the flesh', but they've been so poorly assembled that I couldn't get any sense of how the thing felt, besides 'Loose'. Anybody have any experience with them?

Oh, I forgot to mention the price - $200. Yeah, three digits, and dosen't start with a 9. Who'd have thought?

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
9:29 pm
Touring with my rocket
In preparation for my trip I've done the following to my bike:

  • Replaced my old crappy brake pads with nifty Salmon Kool-Stop pads. They really are great.

  • Sewn clips onto the seat and a backpack to create a removable backpack seatbag. It works quite well.

  • Hung a high visibility vest over the backpack, a coworker claims I'm invisible on my bike.

  • Replaced the pedals with Eggbeater Candy-C pedals and picked up some Lake SPD compatible cycling sandles.

  • Bought and installed a new crankset with shorter cranks (165mm from 170) and smaller Chainrings (low gear is now 21.5 gear inches instead of 27.5, still not low enough).

  • The new crankset required a new bottom bracket cartridge so I swapped out my tapered square spindle with the required ISIS splined bb.

  • Replaced the Primo Comets with high pressure Kenda Kwests.

  • Purchased and began using a cycle computer that also measures cadence (I'm a grinder and it's killing my knees). Sigmasport BC1600 if you care.

  • Cleaned, shortened, and lubed my chain. No chainstretch measured after about 1300 miles (the bike came with 600 miles on it).

Upcoming upgrades:

  • Configure the EZ-1 midship (underseat) racks to work with my Rans Rocket. This will involve the use of maybe 4 hoseclamps.

All-in-all I'm pretty pleased with myself. I'm not a bicycle genius, but I'm working on learning the skills I need. I can't wait for my trip. I hope I don't bail out early :-P

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, September 17th, 2004
6:22 pm
Open your Kryptonite with a Bic.

Yup.. It works.. I managed to get my Evolution 2000 U bolt open in about 5 minutes..Time to find a new lock..

Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, August 13th, 2004
9:46 am
Well, so much for my hopes of buying a windcheetah frame kit. I checked on their website and they 1) no longer sell frame kits; 2) offer their lowest-price trike at $3600. And that's if you don't opt for all the nice stuff, like HyperBrakes ($600? wtf?), a fairing (another 1.3k), etc. How the hell can anyone pay that kind of money for a trike? Seriously. Are there any lower-priced trike manufacturers out there? And if so, do they ship to the US East Coast?

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
2:15 pm
Giant Revive DX
I don't know exactly what it revives, per se...

Picture - website

Has anybody here ridden one? What do you folks think of the design?

Is it possibly the Anti-Recumbent?

Current Mood: curious
Monday, May 3rd, 2004
2:11 pm
Bike is finished.


Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
7:53 pm
Monday, April 12th, 2004
10:44 am
wheeee! bike is rideable! (sorta anyways)
Bike's looking good! Here are more pictures:

bike picturesCollapse )

Sooooo much left to do though.....

attach studs for brakes, shifters for rear derailleur, better handlebars, attachment for back of seat, paint job, and more....



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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
10:30 am
Bentrideronline Forums
Does anyone here frequent the Bentrider Online Forums? They're pretty decent, they have lots of info and are pretty active. It was there I found the ad for my bike. Plus there's a Java chat that usually has 2-12 people chatting in it. I like it because it helps connect me to the recumbent community even though I'm rather isolated out here and have no IRL friends who bike, let alone ride recumbents. I'm in there as "rentasmo" sometimes.

Current Mood: procrastinatorish
Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
2:53 pm
fixed pics for my bike. sorry about that.

(damn you, ofoto!)

Current Mood: annoyed
9:29 am
recumbent bicycle project update
Took what I have of my bike so far out for a spin on saturday. No pedals, barely reaching the handlebars, sneaker brakes. I'd walk it up a hill, climb on, and then start praying :-) very fun.

The clever photographer I am, I forgot to take a picture of the entire bicycle as it is right now. So I have some other pictures which you might find interesting...

teaser shots of my bikeCollapse )

*EDIT* I switched the sources of the pictures to ripway.com, which is finicky but better than what i was using before. If they're not showing now it's because they've been viewed too many times; for some reason ripway wants to limit its bandwidth available to free accounts.

That's all for now. Full picture coming up soon.


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Monday, April 5th, 2004
12:44 pm
About those pedals....
Someone mentioned in my last post that I should look into getting SPD pedals and sandals to go with my new bike. I've been thinking about this. The benefits of SPD is the price and the fact that they seem to do a decent job of what they're supposed to do. What I'm worried about however is knee pain. After a couple years of riding my MTB to work and not shifting so I can pedal at a decent RPM (nobody taught me about this) I get knee aches. Nothing horrible, mostly an annoyance, but I'm concerned that having my feet locked into position might aggravate what problems I have. Now I know that some clipless systems like speedplay frogs give you up to 20 degrees of float so you have some room for a more natural leg angle, but those systems are out of my price range and I don't think I will be able to get them for some time. Another concern I have is using any kind of clip in system because I don't know how to ride my bike and I have no experience with clipless pedals. I'm afraid I'm going to be locked in and fall over. Heh....

Anyhow, the idea i had was to get powergrips to start with. Something with some play so my knees don't encounter undue strain. Also quite a bit less expensive than even the SPD system.

What do you guys think?

Current Mood: nonproductive
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
11:48 pm
Buying a 'bent
Assuming things go as planned, I will be the happy owner of This bike:Collapse )in about a week.

Hopefully I will be able to drive down to Jersey (6 hour drive) to pick it up. I'm buying it used. It's a 2002 Rans Rocket (as if you couldn't tell) I'm waiting on the final "ok" from the seller.

I'm a little nervous because I haven't ever ridden one. I've never ridden any recumbent for that matter, but I've been wanting one for months and reading about them. I know there's a bit of a steep learning curve for SWB bikes like this one, but I'm determined and I didn't want to buy a newbie bike only to quickly grow tired of it. I also needed a bike short enough to be able to carry up and down two flights of stairs. I think I will be quite happy with this one.

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
3:52 pm
random information.
This thursday i'm going to George Reynolds' place and buying some stuff from him: a seat (plexiglass Euro seat), an USS handlebar stem, and possibly some chain idlers. I'm also going to have him weld the bottom bracket shell onto the main beam of my bike.

I was wondering, what is a 50-something inch wheelbase bike classified as? LWB? CLWB?

Anyways. Random thoughts. I'm going to put astro-turf on my seat for traction :-)

*Edit* And I'm kinda concerned about the connection between the rear triangle and the main beam. The majority of my body weight is going to be right above it, it's just arc-welded together and i'm afraid that the stress will break my bike clean in half. O.o Any suggestions/consolations?

Current Mood: good
Monday, March 22nd, 2004
10:09 am
Here's my bicycle frame...
I have a picture of what my bicycle looks like so far and here it is...

cut for its size, i'm too lazy to crop :-PCollapse )

Just a recap, it's a 52" wheelbase bicycle (I was hoping for 48" but oh well), the wheels are 27/20, it'll be an 18-speed bicycle once I put in the bottom bracket shell, crankshaft and triple chainring. Bottom bracket height will be approximately 26", seat height will be approximately 20". I'm planning on under-seat steering so I don't have to worry about making room for my knees. I'm planning on using a plexiglass Euro seat because it should be the best ergonomic and aerodynamic seat.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or other advice for me.


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Thursday, March 18th, 2004
2:24 pm
Hi there!
My name is Ben and I'm a high school senior in Massachusetts. I'm building a recumbent bicycle for my senior project, so I figured it'd be pretty relevant for me to show up here and post something :-) Anyways, my project is pretty heavily underway, I've welded together most of the frame and I'm currently collecting other parts, if you guys want I can show you some of the pictures that I've taken. I would love any advice and suggestions that you have to offer, especially if it's about where to get quality parts at a reasonable cost, since i'm working with a rather limited budget at the moment. Specifically, I really really really need to find a good recumbent seat, preferably a Euro shell of either carbon or plexiglass, for under $100, seat pad not included. If you have any ideas of where I could get one (keep in mind that I don't mind if it's used or an older model, just whether it's relatively light and can be mounted on 2" round tubing) I'd appreciate suggestions.


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