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Touring with my rocket

In preparation for my trip I've done the following to my bike:

  • Replaced my old crappy brake pads with nifty Salmon Kool-Stop pads. They really are great.

  • Sewn clips onto the seat and a backpack to create a removable backpack seatbag. It works quite well.

  • Hung a high visibility vest over the backpack, a coworker claims I'm invisible on my bike.

  • Replaced the pedals with Eggbeater Candy-C pedals and picked up some Lake SPD compatible cycling sandles.

  • Bought and installed a new crankset with shorter cranks (165mm from 170) and smaller Chainrings (low gear is now 21.5 gear inches instead of 27.5, still not low enough).

  • The new crankset required a new bottom bracket cartridge so I swapped out my tapered square spindle with the required ISIS splined bb.

  • Replaced the Primo Comets with high pressure Kenda Kwests.

  • Purchased and began using a cycle computer that also measures cadence (I'm a grinder and it's killing my knees). Sigmasport BC1600 if you care.

  • Cleaned, shortened, and lubed my chain. No chainstretch measured after about 1300 miles (the bike came with 600 miles on it).

Upcoming upgrades:

  • Configure the EZ-1 midship (underseat) racks to work with my Rans Rocket. This will involve the use of maybe 4 hoseclamps.

All-in-all I'm pretty pleased with myself. I'm not a bicycle genius, but I'm working on learning the skills I need. I can't wait for my trip. I hope I don't bail out early :-P
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