Megan (pvyrus) wrote in recumbents,

Newbie still on Wedgie

I do not own a recumbent and have never even ridden one, but ever since I caught my first glance I was bitten by the bent bug (if there ever was one!) I'm 20yrs old and don't drive or own a car. I have been riding my upright everywhere since middle school to college, from long treks to friends houses, and from the city to the un-paved trail. I'm planning on getting a trailer for my old bike so I can continue supporting my car-free lifestyle and possibly go bike touring/camping, but my ultimate dream is to own a recumbent. I have spent hours and days of internet time researching them, but there are so many choices! SWB, LWB, USS, OSS, Rans, Burley, HP Velotechnik... Which is better?

Is there really a "perfect" recumbent? Anyone know of any recumbent dealers (or owners) in the Washington State / Seattle area that would let me try thier bents? Thanks for reading :) And thanks for devoting a community to these unique bikes!
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