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Hi there!

My name is Ben and I'm a high school senior in Massachusetts. I'm building a recumbent bicycle for my senior project, so I figured it'd be pretty relevant for me to show up here and post something :-) Anyways, my project is pretty heavily underway, I've welded together most of the frame and I'm currently collecting other parts, if you guys want I can show you some of the pictures that I've taken. I would love any advice and suggestions that you have to offer, especially if it's about where to get quality parts at a reasonable cost, since i'm working with a rather limited budget at the moment. Specifically, I really really really need to find a good recumbent seat, preferably a Euro shell of either carbon or plexiglass, for under $100, seat pad not included. If you have any ideas of where I could get one (keep in mind that I don't mind if it's used or an older model, just whether it's relatively light and can be mounted on 2" round tubing) I'd appreciate suggestions.

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