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recumbent bicycle project update

Took what I have of my bike so far out for a spin on saturday. No pedals, barely reaching the handlebars, sneaker brakes. I'd walk it up a hill, climb on, and then start praying :-) very fun.

The clever photographer I am, I forgot to take a picture of the entire bicycle as it is right now. So I have some other pictures which you might find interesting...

BB shell, parts, cranks and chainring. Word of advice if you're welding your own bike: be sure to really clean out the BB shell before welding. I forgot to completely remove the rust on the inside, and it ended up oxidizing and partially fusing to the threads on the inside >.< took forever to get the spindle and parts threaded on.

This is a shot of the joint connecting the main beam and rear triangle, as well as the idler post. BB spindle is going to be cut off, it's no good. I'm worried that the joint will break or something, but if you'll notice the main beam is ovalized towards the end so it's very strong in a vertical direction.

Euro seat minus the padding :-) this thing is comfortable even without the astro-turf I'm planning on putting on. *very happy*

Custom-built seat attachment piece. Cleverly cut so that the seat can lean back quite far.

Handlebar stem and handlebar. I need to get a longer stem or custom-build handlebars, because with this configuration I'll hit my knees on the handlebars with each rotation >.<

*EDIT* I switched the sources of the pictures to, which is finicky but better than what i was using before. If they're not showing now it's because they've been viewed too many times; for some reason ripway wants to limit its bandwidth available to free accounts.

That's all for now. Full picture coming up soon.

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