Thinking Meat (jackalopemonger) wrote in recumbents,
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random information.

This thursday i'm going to George Reynolds' place and buying some stuff from him: a seat (plexiglass Euro seat), an USS handlebar stem, and possibly some chain idlers. I'm also going to have him weld the bottom bracket shell onto the main beam of my bike.

I was wondering, what is a 50-something inch wheelbase bike classified as? LWB? CLWB?

Anyways. Random thoughts. I'm going to put astro-turf on my seat for traction :-)

*Edit* And I'm kinda concerned about the connection between the rear triangle and the main beam. The majority of my body weight is going to be right above it, it's just arc-welded together and i'm afraid that the stress will break my bike clean in half. O.o Any suggestions/consolations?
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