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About those pedals....

Someone mentioned in my last post that I should look into getting SPD pedals and sandals to go with my new bike. I've been thinking about this. The benefits of SPD is the price and the fact that they seem to do a decent job of what they're supposed to do. What I'm worried about however is knee pain. After a couple years of riding my MTB to work and not shifting so I can pedal at a decent RPM (nobody taught me about this) I get knee aches. Nothing horrible, mostly an annoyance, but I'm concerned that having my feet locked into position might aggravate what problems I have. Now I know that some clipless systems like speedplay frogs give you up to 20 degrees of float so you have some room for a more natural leg angle, but those systems are out of my price range and I don't think I will be able to get them for some time. Another concern I have is using any kind of clip in system because I don't know how to ride my bike and I have no experience with clipless pedals. I'm afraid I'm going to be locked in and fall over. Heh....

Anyhow, the idea i had was to get powergrips to start with. Something with some play so my knees don't encounter undue strain. Also quite a bit less expensive than even the SPD system.

What do you guys think?
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