Thinking Meat (jackalopemonger) wrote in recumbents,
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wheeee! bike is rideable! (sorta anyways)

Bike's looking good! Here are more pictures:

idler at the back.

A new set of handlebars for me. Actually an old U-bar bike lock which we don't have the keys for. It works. Enough to ride with, anyways.

idler for the front fork and head tube. The chain drags a lot because of its length.

idler for the underside of the seat. otherwise the tension of the chain causes it to drag on the seat. I have a lot of idlers.... *needs to do something about it* ...

And now... what you've all been waiting for... ME RIDING MY BICYCLE!!!!!


Sooooo much left to do though.....

attach studs for brakes, shifters for rear derailleur, better handlebars, attachment for back of seat, paint job, and more....


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